About us

The company

VeldhovenGroup designs, produces and markets European fashion brands. The company’s strength lies in the mid-segment womenswear market. VeldhovenGroup owns the successful fashion brands SandwichTurnover and DEPT.

VeldhovenGroup is a global company. The headquarter is in Amsterdam. Production centers, offices and showrooms can be found around the globe.

VeldhovenGroup has grown globally through a balanced distribution strategy combining  wholesale, shop-in-shop, franchise  and (r)etail. The group now has over 3500 selling points in more than 20 countries around the world, employing over 900 people. Since the establishment in 1950 the company has remained privately owned, thus being able to consistently offer good quality, timely deliveries and the ability to build brands at the right place.

Our brands

The brands currently under VeldhovenGroup’s umbrella are SandwichTurnover and DEPT. The group has a long heritage in building successful brands in the mid-segment womenswear market. Each brand has its distinctive brand DNA, communication platform and fan base. At the same time, the brands share the advantage of operating within VeldhovenGroup, to give economies of scale and professional support throughout the value chain.

Get to know the brands in the Brands section.

Our roots

VeldhovenGroup has generated steady, international growth since the founder Rudolf Veldhoven began the company over sixty years ago. Expansion throughout the world was generated with the introduction of fashion brands SandwichStills and NoNo.

Further international expansion continued through a sound evolution the group’s brand portfolio. The addition of brands Turnover, DEPT and Olsen extended the global retail footprint of the group, while Stills and NoNo were successfully positioned outside the portfolio. Most recently, the group has further underscored its expertise in mid-segment women’s fashion by successfully directing an extensive turnaround and sale of the Olsen brand.

Relying on its uniquely successful foundation as a source of strength, the Group continues to combine Dutch fashion heritage with an international perspective to drive further growth around the world from Canada to Europe to China and many countries in between.

By renewing the focus on its mid-segment roots, these changes allow the Group to move forward in its area of expertise and offer a balanced portfolio of brands.

Our values

Our business has always been driven by our values, these being; Personal, Authentic, Loyal and Design-driven. We push this forward through striving for operational excellence and long-term relationships. As an independent family business that owns much of the supply chain, we’ve been able to apply our values every step of the way.

We have always believed in managing our business fairly and professionally. For our partners, this means we serve you with integrity, quality and care, and work with suppliers who help us achieve our aspirations. Partners can rely on working with a solid, professional world player and expect consistent quality, timely deliveries and a world of knowledge. For our team, this means we cultivate a talented, collaborative culture that is a pleasure to work in.

Our business approach

When you work with passion, it is worth setting the bar high – with high quality garments, timely deliveries, attractive sales margins, and attentive sales support.

We take a proactive, secure and sound business approach, which has allowed us to remain creative and form inspired business relationships. With our dedicated expertise, we look forward to helping our business partners realise their objectives.